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Root Canal Treatments

Root canal therapy is the best course of treatment for treating a tooth with an advanced infection. Root canal treatment is designed with the goal of saving the tooth, whereas once the only treatment for a diseased tooth was to extract it.

Root canal treatment eliminates pain and infection, with the goal of saving the tooth structure

Each of your teeth has between one and four root canals. Root canals are small passageways branching off from under the top of each tooth.

What is a root canal treatment?

Generally speaking, there are two primary concerns that can lead to an infection in a tooth. Advanced decay and a traumatic injury to the tooth can each result in an infection, abscess or instability in the tooth.

The root canal treatment removes any evidence of decay, remove the infected pulp and other tissue and also sterilises the root canals. The tooth is then built up with a sealant that will provide the stability the tooth needs. A temporary crown will be set in place to protect the tooth while a permanent crown is milled. Once the permanent crown is ready, it will be set in place at a follow-up appointment.

The goal of the root canal treatment is to preserve as much of the tooth’s structure as is possible, while restoring health to the tooth.

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Tooth Pain?

Do you have a tooth causing you pain and keeping you up at night? Get relief with a visit to your dentist for a pain-free root canal treatment. Book your appointment online or call the clinic at 01 678 8158ntreated can cause infection, further complications and possible tooth loss.

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The root canal therapy procedure addresses the infection that has destroyed the pulp inside of the tooth. While not all tooth pain can be attributed to an infected tooth, severe pain that does not subside with the use of over the counter pain medication could point to being in need of root canal treatment.

The treatment will address the infection, remove the infection and eliminate the pain that has been keeping you from feeling your best.

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Once the pulp inside of the tooth has been destroyed by an infection, it cannot heal itself. It’s not recommended to leave an infected tooth in place without treatment. The only alternative to root canal treatment is to extract the tooth.

While some may prefer to simply extract an infected tooth that is causing pain, it’s typically suggested that you preserve as many of your natural teeth as is possible in order to preserve the overall health of your mouth. Bone and gum recession can occur once a tooth has been removed.

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After images have been taken to verify the full extent of the damage to the tooth, your dentist will be ready with a treatment plan for the tooth. Root canal treatments have an unearned reputation for being painful. The truth is that the sooner you address an infection in your tooth, the sooner you’ll be on the road to feeling better.The infected tooth will be numbed so that you feel no pain during the procedure. Your comfort is of the utmost importance during any dental treatment. At most, you’ll feel a bit of pressure as your dentist works on your tooth.

The decay on the tooth will be removed, as will the infected pulp. The interior of the tooth, including the root canals will be cleaned and disinfected. The now sterile interior of the tooth and will be packed with a biocompatible material that will bolster the stability of the tooth structure. A temporary crown will be set upon the repaired tooth, to protect it until the permanent crown has been made. Once the permanent crown is ready, in a few weeks, it’ll be placed at a follow-up appointment.

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Preservation of the tooth is preferable over removing an infected tooth. Root canal treatment can remove the infection and restore health and stability to the tooth. Patients report feeling nothing more than some slight discomfort after the procedure, which is a far cry from the pain that an infected or abscessed tooth could bring with it.

Preservation of the tooth, which will need to be supported and strengthened with a crown, can preserve the integrity and health of your surrounding teeth and mouth as a whole.

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How much do root canal treatment cost?

At Gallagher Dental we offer our patients the benefit of our experience and expertise, in a wide selection of dental treatments. If you are in need of root canal treatment in Dublin, you’ll find that we offer a competitive pricing schedule. We offer a gentle touch, combined with the latest in dental technology, to meet the oral hygiene needs of our patients.

Do you have a tooth causing you pain and keeping you up at night? Get relief with a visit to your dentist for a pain-free root canal treatment. Book your appointment online or call the clinic at 01 678 8158

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