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Gum Shields

Gum guards provide protection for the whole mouth. They protect from soft tissue damage and also against tooth grinding.Tooth decay is the leading cause of damage to healthy teeth. However, trauma sustained to the teeth and the mouth can also lead to damaged teeth and mouth lacerations.

Teeth can become fractured or even dislodged. Trauma can come in the form of a direct blow to the face or even from grinding your teeth at night.

It’s important that you lead an active lifestyle that keeps your body moving and in good shape. But it’s also just as important for you to consider the potential that your active lifestyle brings with it for injuries to your face and your mouth. Teeth damage can be quite severe with even the smallest impact to the face, particularly if you have fixed braces.

What is a gUM SHIELD?

Gum shields typically provide coverage and protection for your teeth, when they need it the most

  • Over-the-counter mouth guards can often be found where sporting goods are sold. They are most often a pre-formed shape that can be moulded in order to get a snug and custom fit. They may be a rapid solution for protecting your teeth and mouth, but they won’t give you a proper fit that will offer complete protection. Essentially, they’ll do in a pinch.
  • Custom-made mouth shields are designed to cover your teeth and protect the soft tissues in your mouth from being damaged if you are struck or you fall onto a hard surface. These mouth shields are recommended for active patients who wear fixed dental appliances.
  • Mouth guards that are designed to protect the teeth against grinding in your sleep are different from sports guards. There are over-the-counter options but a custom fitted device can offer the best in protection. They can provide protection for the teeth all night, and help to avoid some of the cracking and splitting that can lead to decay.

Generally speaking, there are three types of mouth guards for your consideration.

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Protect your Teeth

Protect your teeth, with a mouth guard designed just for you. Whether you need protection when while playing sports or while soundly sleeping, you’ll find that we have a solution that will help to protect your teeth. Call our clinic at 01 678 8158 or book your consultation online.

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Mouth guards can provide protection to the teeth of those who grind their teeth in their sleep and also to those who lead an active lifestyle or participate in sports that bring with them an increased risk of sustaining injuries.

Any damage to the teeth, whether a small fracture or chip in the tooth, can rapidly lead to the onset of decay, in less time than you may think. It’s also worth considering that a strike to the face may not result in external signs of injury, but may lead to a number of serious oral concerns, including deep tooth damage and lacerations.

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A consultation with your dentist is the first step to getting a mouth guard that will protect your teeth. During your consultation you’ll be able to discuss with your dentist the types of activities you participate in, or explain the type of damage you are experiencing while grinding your teeth in your sleep.

Your dentist may take images of your teeth and your mouth, and design a solution that’ll work for your lifestyle and your oral health care goals.

Discussing your goals with your dentist will make it possible for you to select the right mouth guard protection to meet your needs.

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There are no other products that can offer protection for your mouth when you are actively engaging in sports. If you have fixed braces, you need to wear a mouth guard in order to protect both your mouth and your braces from injury or damage.
Mouth guards will minimize the impact on your teeth from a direct hit to the face, while also helping to protect your tongue or cheeks from being bitten during the accident.

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How much does Gum shield cost?

At Gallagher Dental we offer our patients the benefit of our years of experience and expertise, along with a wide range of competitively priced dental services and treatments. To learn more about how gum shields could benefit you, call our clinic or book your appointment online.

Protect your teeth, with a mouth guard designed just for you. Whether you need protection when while playing sports or while soundly sleeping, you’ll find that we have a solution that will help to protect your teeth

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