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Dental Hygiene Treatments

Dental hygienic treatments leave your teeth looking and feeling their clean best. At Gallagher Dental we believe that good oral health starts with a better understanding of what is the cause of most tooth decay.

Your dental hygienist can offer guidance and advice about your tooth brushing and flossing habits, and also ensure that you are using the right products to ensure yours is a happy and healthy mouth.

Scheduling a professional cleaning twice a year with the hygienist is also an important part of keeping your mouth healthy.

What is a professional Dental cleaning?

Dental hygienists have the knowledge and expertise needed to clean each tooth thoroughly and to also address the area right below the gum line where inflammation can set in. Even the best in oral hygiene habits won’t be able to reach some of these areas, and of course can’t address stuck-on tartar.

Daily brushing and flossing after each meal can minimize the risks of gun disease and tooth decay. Appointment with your dental hygienist every six months will deep clean your teeth and gums thoroughly, to catch those areas of concern that may otherwise be missed by brushing and flossing alone.

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Tooth Pain?

Keep your teeth looking and feeling healthy, with a routine professional cleaning. Book your appointment online or call the clinic at 01 678 8157, to speak to one of our dental professionals.

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Dental hygienist as an essential preventative and maintenance treatment. One of the main reasons that patients find themselves facing root canal treatment or tooth extraction is because below the gum line infections went undetected and untreated. These infections start out as minor inflammation but can quickly accelerate into infections that damage and destroy a lot of the tooth’s structure.

It can also help to preserve as much of the tooth’s structure as is possible. As these pockets of infection are most often found beneath the gum line, it’s difficult for you to address these yourself even with the best in oral hygiene routines at home. Your dental hygienist has the tools needed to remove buildups of stubborn stuck-on tartar and of course identify any areas of potential concern.

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Expect your dentist to take a few minutes to conduct a fast check of your teeth, to make sure that there aren’t any cavities or other tooth damage that may require treatment. Your hygienist will then begin the scale and polish treatment.
The first stage will involve removing the deposits of plaque and tartar that have accumulated on the surface of your teeth, using a tool known as a scaler tool.

The polish stage of treatment does just what the name would indicate. It buffs and shines the surface of the tooth using a mild abrasive toothpaste. It will also smooth away any minor imperfections or rough areas on the tooth, in order to protect against future plaque buildup. Any minor surface stains will also be removed.

Your treatment should not be painful at all. If you have some areas of sensitivity, you can ask for a topical numbing agent to be applied, in order to minimise your discomfort.

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Not only will your professional cleaning keep your teeth free from tartar and stubborn plaque, but it can play an important role in helping you to avoid advanced decay and infections in your gums.

Undergoing a professional cleaning after gum disease treatment can go a long way towards ensuring that signs of the infection have been removed. Gum inflammation and gum disease have been linked to a higher risk of strokes and developing heart disease. Keeping your mouth healthy and free from gum disease can help to minimise your risks.

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Professional cleanings will address stubborn areas of tartar and plaque both. They will be able to identify any areas of inflammation and the early stage of gum disease, so that proactive preventative steps can be taken.

Cleanings will help to keep the surface of your teeth smooth and clean, polished and healthy, while also helping to identify other dental issues in their early stages. Dental hygienic treatments should be considered more as preventative and maintenance therapies more than treatment solutions.

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How much does dental hygiene treatment cost?

At Gallagher Dental we offer our patients the benefit of our combined years of experience and expertise. We provide a competitively priced wide selection of dental treatments that ensure quality oral health care is affordable and accessible. To learn more about the benefits of dental hygienic treatments, book your professional cleaning by calling the clinic at 01 678 8158, to speak to a member of the team. You can also schedule your appointment online.

Price Range
Scale and Polish from €90
Laser Hygiene from €130
Freado Hudson

Brilliant dentist. Staff are very helpful,respectful and courteous. I would recommend this dentist to anyone who has a fear of the dentist…I did…and he helped me overcome it.


Phoned at 10.30 to make an appointment for a loose implant, appointment same day at 13.00 – I walked out of there, tooth fixed, at 13.30. Brilliant service, quick, professional, informative.


Travelled home from London.Got emergency appointment same day.All sorted – Thanks Dr.G.