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Dental crowns offer protection for teeth that have undergone extensive reconstruction, or teeth that have been damaged.

They offer strength and protection to a tooth that may otherwise be structurally compromised. Crowns can also improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Crowns will look beautifully natural once in place, and will offer the same strength seen in natural teeth.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are caps that are custom-made to fit over any tooth, front or molar, that has been damaged or has undergone root canal treatment. The cap offers protection for the tooth against any additional decay or damage. It will also restore functionality so that you’ll be able to chew without issue.

In addition to stabilising teeth that have been compromised, crowns can also help to improve the aesthetics of teeth that may be crooked or discoloured.

Crowns may be made out of a number of material options, including porcelain or resin, or an alloy. They can be coloured so that they match natural colour of your teeth so that you are assured of natural results. Alloys typically offer more strength over porcelain, so they are typically offered as an option for molars.

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Tooth Pain?

Are you interested in transforming your smile or protecting cracked teeth with crowns? We offer solutions that can help you to meet your aesthetic and functional goals. You can book your appointment online, or you can call the clinic at 01 678 8158 to get your consultation scheduled.

Dental Crown Dublin

Crowns are typically recommended as a solution for capping teeth that have undergone extensive repair or reconstruction, such as is seen with root canal therapy. Crowns may also be recommended as an option to reinforce and offer protection for teeth that are at risk for cracks or breakage. Treating teeth that have been chipped or cracked can help to prevent against decay, but the repairs alone cannot protect the structure of the tooth against future damage. Caps will protect the tooth and restore functionality.

In addition, crowns are a solution to offer strength to a tooth that will be used to as an anchor for a functional tooth bridge. Crowns can also be used to improve the aesthetics of teeth that are stained, misshapen and slightly misaligned.

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There are several options in crowns. The best way to determine which one is the right choice to help you to meet your needs is to have a discussion with your dentist. The crown option that will be the best choice for you will be determined by the reason that the crown is needed, and where the crown will be placed.
Porcelain crowns offer the natural and beautiful look that you need for front teeth, while porcelain that is fused to metal can provide the strength needed for back molars.

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It’s important to keep in mind that only healthy or restored teeth that are free from any signs of decay should be fitted for a crown. Any damage or decay to the tooth should first be addressed before the crown can be placed.

Once the tooth is healthy or in a stable condition, impressions will be made so that you can get the perfect fit and restoration to your bite. Once the impressions have been made, you’ll be fitted for a temporary crown that will protect your vulnerable tooth and restore aesthetics until your permanent crown has been milled.

Once your permanent crown is ready, you’ll need to return to the clinic to have the crown fitted. Any small adjustments to the tooth will be made if they are needed. Once ready, the crown will be securely bonded to the tooth.

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Perhaps the most important advantage to crowns is that they offer protection to teeth that are at a higher risk for damage and decay. This includes teeth that have gone through extensive repair or restoration. Crowns can serve the purpose of protecting these teeth while also restoring your bite and your perfect smile. Crowns can also offer cosmetic solutions to teeth that may not be good candidates for veneers.

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Price Range
Post and Core: from €300 – €350
Crowns: from €595 – €1100
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