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37 Fenian St, Dublin, D02 Y497, Ireland

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  • We listen.
  • We examine and assess.
  • We determine a dental baseline.
  • We propose any treatment options.
  • We present these treatment options with costings.

Gallagher Dental begins at the beginning. We believe the most important aspect of our work is initially, to listen. We listen, we assess and we advise. We determine the dental baseline, with which patients first attend. Once this baseline has been established, we propose treatment options, in consultation with you.

OUR Treatment Areas

We will continue to develop in Gallagher Dental, fulfilling our obligations to our patients through continuous education, and through providing the best dental care we can, with the techniques and tools we re-evaluate regularly.

General Dental Treatments
We offer a wide range of General Dental Treatments for you & your family, helping to prevent dental health issues, and dealing with issues that exist.
Cosmetic Dental Treatments
Transform your smile with Cosmetic Dental Treatments and our Smile Design software - Teeth Whitening, Crowns, Veneers, Inlays etc.
Options for Missing Teeth
Restore your smile where you have a gap, with an implant supported crown, a bridge or a denture. We can advise you, on all your options.
Freado Hudson

Brilliant dentist. Staff are very helpful,respectful and courteous. I would recommend this dentist to anyone who has a fear of the dentist…I did…and he helped me overcome it.


Phoned at 10.30 to make an appointment for a loose implant, appointment same day at 13.00 – I walked out of there, tooth fixed, at 13.30. Brilliant service, quick, professional, informative.


Travelled home from London.Got emergency appointment same day.All sorted – Thanks Dr.G.