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General Dental Treatments

Check-Ups & Consultations - Dublin
Check-Ups & Consultations

Schedule your annual check-up or book a consultation to learn more about a treatment solution at Gallagher Dental Read More…

Teeth Whitening - Dublin
Dental Hygiene Treatments

Dental hygiene treatments leave your teeth looking and feeling their clean best. Schedule your deep cleaning Read More…

Teeth Whitening - Dublin
For Nervous

Sedation dentistry eases anxiety, fears and stress about dental procedures. Book your consultation Read More…

White filling - Dublin
Tooth Fillings

White fillings at Gallagher Dental are most usually ceramic fillings, which we feel, repair cavities better than composites, and offer improved aesthetics  Read More…

Gum Disease Treatment - Dublin
Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease treatments will help to restore health to your gums, teeth, whole mouth and indeed to your whole body. To learn more about  Read More…

Root canal Treatments - Dublin
Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment eliminates pain and infection, with the goal of saving the tooth structure. Schedule your appoinment today Read More…

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removals - Dublin
Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removals

Extractions need not be painful or stressful. At Gallagher Dental we offer a caring, professional service, making the procedure as gentle as possible Read More…

Dental Crowns - Dublin
Gum Shields / Sports mouth guard

Gum shields and mouth guards, provide protection for the whole mouth. At Gallagher Dental, we can take your ‘impressions’ digitally, with no gooey stuff Read More…