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Check Ups & Consultations

A check-up with your dentist is your opportunity to identify any dental health concerns in their early stages. Prioritizing your oral health care, with routine check-ups and consultations for treatments beyond general dentistry, will allow you to achieve your smile goals.

Schedule your annual check-up or book a consultation to learn more about a treatment solution at Gallagher Dental. Your consultation will allow you to discuss dental solutions and treatments that could include dental implants, bridges and dentures.

At Gallagher Dental we recommend that you visit us at least twice a year. It’s these comprehensive dental exams that also allows to assess possible issues that could include gum disease and oral cancer.


It can be tempting to skip your routine check-up appointments. After all, it’s often only when there is oral pain or an emergency situation that we tend to think of our dentist. What may help is to consider your routine check-up as more of a preventative versus a fix for those painful and emergency dental issues.

It is during your check-ups that your dentist can determine the best in beneficial treatments for you

Dental decay starts out very small. Your check-up can address decay before it allowed to escalate into a much cavity that could ultimately lead to tooth loss. The same holds true for gum disease and oral cancer. Your dentist taking a look at the health of your teeth and gums twice a year provides opportunity to catch issues in their earliest stages.

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Tooth Pain?

Is it time for your annual check-up? Are you looking to learn more about veneers, dental implants or another type of service we offer?


Are you experiencing swelling or pain? Have any of your fillings fallen out? It’s at your routine check-up that these concerns can be addressed. Your dentist will take a series of diagnostic X-rays, in order to analyse the condition of your teeth and current bone structure. A complete periodontal screening will also be completed, to look for signs of gum disease.

A tooth-specific examination will also take place, to check for cavities, identify cracked or dislodged teeth, along with examining the condition of your existing dental work.

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Your dentist will take the time to perform a comprehensive examination of your mouth. Each of your teeth will be examined. Your dentist will identify any concerns currently present on your teeth. If there is any damage, X-rays may be needed in order to determine the full extent of the damage to the tooth.

It’s suggested that you schedule your dental checkup and professional cleaning to be done during the same visit to the clinic. The professional cleaning will address any built-up plaque and tartar that can potentially result in gum disease and the loss of teeth.

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Consultations can differ slightly between routine check-ups in that they are typically your opportunity to ask your dentist about a particular procedure or treatment that is of interest to you. Your dentist will perform a complete examination of your mouth to look for any areas of concern that need to be addressed prior to moving forward with other types of dental treatment.

You’ll have the chance to openly discuss your concerns with your dentist and also discuss your ultimate goals. Whether you’re interested in veneers, bridges or an orthodontic solution, the consultation will give you the chance to find out all of the information that you are in need of.

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Award Winning Dental Care


You, the patient comes first

We listen to our patients, every one is different and require different treatment.
We examine and assess, to ensure we understand your needs and wishes


Expert Staff, Top of the range equipment

Quality is the most important thing to us, so we ensure that our staff, or equipment and your experience with us is the very best.


Fantastic Results

Our long list of happy patients tells a story by itself, we have treated generations of the same families due to the top service that we offer.

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How much does check up & consultation cost?

At Gallagher Dental we are proud to offer our patients the benefit of our years of experience and expertise. We provide a wide range of competitively priced dental services and treatments, to meet the individualized needs of our clients. To get your annual check-up on the books or to learn more about a procedure you’re interested in, schedule a consultation by booking online or calling our clinic to speak to a professional member of our team.

Price Range
Examination €80
Consultation €140
Freado Hudson

Brilliant dentist. Staff are very helpful,respectful and courteous. I would recommend this dentist to anyone who has a fear of the dentist…I did…and he helped me overcome it.


Phoned at 10.30 to make an appointment for a loose implant, appointment same day at 13.00 – I walked out of there, tooth fixed, at 13.30. Brilliant service, quick, professional, informative.


Travelled home from London.Got emergency appointment same day.All sorted – Thanks Dr.G.