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Teeth Whitening

Are you unhappy with the color of your teeth? A beautiful white smile will not only boost your confidence but is often an indicator of healthy teeth.

Don’t let stained or off-coloured teeth alter the way you laugh and smile.

Tooth whitening can be a very effective way to lighten the natural colour of your teeth, without having an impact on the enamel on your teeth. It cannot completely alter the colour of your teeth but can help to lighten the existing shade of your teeth.

What are teeth whitening treatments

Our teeth are porous, which means that they can change colour over the years, especially when exposed to food and drinks that are known for staining teeth. Teeth bleaching and whitening treatments are an easy way to brighten your smile. Professional teeth whitening is a chemical process that involves ingredients that won’t damage your tooth enamel.

Both the over-the-counter and professional teeth whitening products use a bleaching agent that targets and removes stains. The active ingredient is typically hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. As the active ingredient is broken down, oxygen makes its way into the tooth enamel and the tooth is lightened.

Only the natural tooth will be affected by the whitening process. Crowns and dental work like fillings and veneers will not be altered by the whitening agent.

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Tooth Pain?

Are your teeth stained because of your love of a good cup of tea? Get a red carpet ready smile with professional teeth whitening. Schedule your teeth whitening treatment online or call our clinic at 01 678 8158.

Teeth whitening Dublin

Even with the best in oral health care routines, teeth can be stained by the foods and drinks that we enjoy.

Some of the culprits behind some of the tooth staining we often see on healthy could could include:

  • Tea and coffee
  • Soft drinks
  • Wine
  • Tomatoes and tomato-based foods
  • Blackcurrant and blueberries
  • Nicotine

Our teeth can become more discoloured as we get older, but these tooth staining agents certainly hurry the process along.

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There are countless options for over-the-counter tooth whitening treatments. They do generally prove to be effective at removing superficial surface stains. They can’t, however, get to work at removing stains that are just beneath the surface.

Professional teeth whitening is the most effective option if you are looking to target each of the stain types on your teeth.
The over-the-counter strips, gels, and rinses are effective to a degree. They can typically only achieve a small amount of whitening of the teeth. Your dentist will offer solutions that contain higher concentrations of the whitening agent.

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While there is no pain to be expected during a professional teeth whitening treatment, some patients with more sensitivity may benefit from a topical numbing agent prior to the procedure.

Your first visits for your professional teeth whitening will involve impressions that are made so that bleaching trays can be made to fit the shape of your mouth. It will take approximately one week to fabricate the trays. Once the trays are fitted, we will talk you through the process. You will need to continue the bleaching at home. It can usually take 7-14 days. Patients are often very happy after applying the bleach even for 3-4 days. This allows you to control how white you would like your teeth at the end of the treatment.

Another option is laser whitening or power whitening. During this procedure, a rubber dam is placed over your teeth to protect your gums. A bleaching product is then painted onto your teeth. The dental laser is directed onto your teeth in order to activate the bleaching agent. The light speeds up the reaction of the whitening product so that the colour change can be achieved quicker.
Laser whitening is said to make teeth up to five or six shades lighter. Your dentist will need to assess the health of your teeth to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.
The effects of professional teeth whitening can last up to three years. The more that you avoid smoking and eating or drinking products known to stain your teeth, the better your tooth whitening results will be.
Some patients may find that their teeth become more sensitive to cold during and after the treatment. Others may have discomfort in the gums, a sore throat or white patches on the gum line. These symptoms are usually temporary, and should disappear within a few days of your treatment. We recommend that you switch to using a sensitive toothpaste for a few weeks prior to bleaching your teeth.

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Before you undergo any sort of treatment, you want to know just how safe they may be. The good news is that professional teeth whitening is considered to be a very easy and safe treatment. The results can last for up to a year while giving you that perfect white smile you’ve been looking for.

Laser teeth whitening, when performed safely in the clinic of a trained professional, is considered to be very safe. Only your teeth will be impacted by the dental laser and the bleaching agent that is used Your gums and lips will be protected by a dental dam during the procedure.

The safety of over-the-counter whitening products can vary. While most may be considered to be safe, and may even produce some sort of moderate results for you, they cannot match the safety and the results seen with the professional whitening treatments.

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How much do tooth Whitening cost?

At Gallagher Dental we offer our patients a wide range of professional dental treatments and services. Our competitive prices put us ahead of our competitors, while our experience and expertise will ensure you get only the best in treatment. View our prices to learn more about teeth whitening solutions. You can book your appointment online or call our clinic at +1 678 8158 .

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