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37 Fenian St, Dublin, D02 Y497, Ireland
Registered Dental Hygienist

Bridget has been a valued member of Gallagher Dental since January 2005. Over the past 12 years she has built up a very large and loyal client base . She is extremely passionate in her work and aims to achieve optimal oral health for her patients. She places  a strong emphasis on supporting and guiding patients to the best health that they can achieve. Education of causes and prevention of dental decay and gum disease is the basis for her patients. She believes that if patients understands their disease, it is half the battle. The next step is to achieve good oral habits at home. She encourages this by educating patients in oral hygiene techniques.

Bridget will always tailor your treatment plan to you. She will take may factors into considerations. As a hygienist, she has a very close working relationship with Dr. Gallagher and between them, they give the best advice regarding your dental health.

On your first visit, a treatment plan will be created. During this visit your disease is explained in full and we talk to you about what will happen step by step. The cost of the treatment is also discussed at this visit. On certain occasions an OPG (large x-ray) may be taken. This allows you to see any bone loss and allows us to make a clearer diagnosis and therefore a clearer prognosis and treatment plan. The main cause of gum disease is plaque. Bridget is extremely focused on oral hygiene instruction and advice. As part of your treatment plan, Bridget will supply you with oral hygiene aids that are best suited to you.

As sometimes dental hygiene treatment can be a little uncomfortable , she will discuss the options for anaesthetic. Dental hygiene treatment does not need to be an uncomfortable treatment.

Apart from the preventative treatment that hygienists’ offer, Bridget has a unique treatment that she offers to her patients here at Gallagher Dental.  We find this treatment a must for inflammatory diseases of the gums – gingivitis and periodontitis. This treatment specifically targets inflammation. 

The Ezlase Diode Laser has a wavelength with an affinity for the colour red. Inflamed gums are red and that’s how Ezlase treats and calms inflamed tissue. Gallagher Dental is one of very few practices countrywide, to offer this type of ezlase laser therapy, with Bridget being one of a handful of dental hygienists to be trained in its use. Having used this laser therapy since 2010, Bridget has this to say : ”Having used the ezlase diode laser for a number of years now, it still excites me! I have had so many successful healthy results. My patients believe in laser treatment – they have seen the results themselves. In many ways it has encouraged my patients, and has given them trust. It can be painless and relaxing. Most of my patients who have tried ezlase treatment, say they would never look back. Fantastic results and enthusiastic patients, gives Bridget such great work satisfaction.

Patients are encouraged to discuss their treatment plans. At Gallagher Dental, we believe the more informed you are, the better you can participate in the health discussion of your mouth. The healthier your mouth, the healthier you are as a whole.


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